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Reconveyance Experts is an outsource solution for your release tracking and title curative needs. We provide post-closing transaction assistance for lender, trustees, escrow officers, underwriters, lawyers, paralegals and more. Unlike other release tracking providers, you won't pay until the release has been verified.

We do things quite a bit differently than other release tracking service providers. Our business model is based on our more than 30 years of experience handling post-closing processes. We pride ourselves on our level of service and attention we provide our clients. Here are a few things that make Reconveyance Experts different.

  • Superior Customer Service with Dedicated Experts
  • Most Affordable Tracking Service
  • No Rush Fees - EVER
  • Post Pay
  • Track and follow through on every type of real estate lien for the same price
  • Maintain detailed history of all activities for every transaction
  • Provide custom reports and updates to any and all transactions
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Skip the Busy Work and Get to the Best Part, Your Next Closing


Statistically every 3rd payoff is a potential future claim due to an unreleased lien. Reconveyance Experts tracks every payoff to ensure every release is recorded. We eliminate virtually all risk associated with future claims related to unreleased liens while saving your team time and money.

Get Peace of Mind Knowing Every Payoff is Being Tracked

We document every step and action on all releases for compliance and auditing purposes.

Save Time, Money, & Your Sanity

Give your team more time to focus on their next closing, meeting with potential clients, or working with new lenders for more referrals while we take care of the post-closing busy work.

Save Money, Increase Profits & Cash Flow

We the best possible pricing across the board. Save time and money because we do not charge any fees until AFTER the release is recorded and verified.

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